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Turn A Roof Into Revenue with a Solar Commercial Roof Lease

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Do you own commercial property in New Jersey?  Do you have large areas of roof space?  You could earn additional income as part of a new Community Solar Program, through a commercial site lease with National Energy Partners.

In today’s electricity market there are many ways to take advantage of solar energy. Solar energy has many financing models available, including direct ownership, solar leases, Power Purchase Agreements, and Community Solar. Among these traditional options, is an emerging solar solution that is gaining popularity: solar site leases.  

Solar Site Lease - What is it?

A typical solar site lease is an agreement to lease your property to a solar developer for solar installation. With the National Energy Partners Solar Site Lease Agreement, a property owner that has large areas of roof space can convert the unused area into a revenue stream.  

The National Energy Partners Commercial Site Lease Agreement is available to any commercial real estate in the State of New Jersey, that has large areas of roof space. The property owner leases their roof space to National Energy Partners, who in turn installs a solar array onto the roof. National Energy Partners manages all aspects of installation and maintenance for the rooftop solar system throughout the duration of the agreement. Solar power generated is also managed by National Energy Partners.

Solar Site Lease – How Does it Work?

Owners of commercial property can contact National Energy Partners for a site evaluation. If the site qualifies, the business can enter into an agreement to lease their roof space out to National Energy Partners for solar installation.

Under the terms of the agreement, there are no equipment or maintenance obligations or costs to the site owner. National Energy Partners manages all aspects of the solar panel system. The business owner receives contracted lease payments. In some cases, the business owner can also receive funds to replace their roof, in order to support the solar panel system. Simply put, the site owner receives a series of incentives for leasing space that was otherwise unused.

Solar Site Lease - Main Benefits.

Participating in a solar site lease has many benefits, including:

  • Earn consistent revenue for unused space

  • Replace or repair your roof

  • Support solar energy in your community (especially if you are unable to use the power generated from the array at your site). Solar site leases are an excellent way for a business, organization or municipality to support solar energy without worrying about the responsibility of owning and maintaining a solar system. By participating in a solar site lease, you convert your roof into revenue. You also help ratepayers in your community that may be unable to host or own an array, receive the benefits of solar electricity. Site leases are one of the many great ways to become a part of the solar energy community!

Solar Site Lease - Who Qualifies?

To qualify for the National Energy Partners Commercial Roof Site Lease program, you must:

  • Own the property or properties that will be leased

  • Have large areas of roof space (minimum of 30,000 square feet at one location)

  • Have a long-term interest in a solar lease  With most lease agreements lasting 20 years, it is important that a property owner be willing to have panels on their roof for an extended period.

  • The Solar area should remain undisturbed long-term  Since solar energy systems have a typical lifespan of 25+ years, it’s important to ensure changes in landscaping, new construction, and other alterations to the property won’t disturb the solar array once it is completed.

  • A leased roof should be structurally sound Roofs under consideration for hosting solar energy arrays should be able to support the array for the lease period. An experienced solar provider can help you determine the structural integrity of your roof before engaging in a solar lease agreement. The terms of the lease agreement can include funds to repair or replace your roof.

Why National Energy Partners (NEP)?

NEP is a nationally renowned solar energy development company dedicated to bringing clean, renewable energy to businesses and residential consumers alike. With over 10 years of experience in the solar industry, NEP has worked with a variety of customers to renew their commitment to their communities and defray soaring energy costs by switching to renewable energy. Our portfolio includes over $100 million of projects completed or under construction. The company currently has the capacity and resources to construct 40 megawatts of projects per quarter.

NEP has completed projects including PCS in Moorestown NJ which is both a rooftop and carport system. All Power Purchase Agreement projects that National Energy Partners has developed have been self-funded with no up-front cost to our clients.

NEP’s Turnkey Solar Solutions include handling every aspect of a solar project, including the permit application, installation, interconnection, and long-term management (operations & maintenance) of the photovoltaic energy system for our clients. NEP has worked with businesses, municipalities, and schools to provide custom solar solutions that incorporate consideration of scheduling, noise reduction, and safety. All work takes place around the client's schedule to ensure a safe and functional environment is maintained throughout the installation of the system. Our goal is to provide our clients with easy access to renewable energy without disruption or financial burden.

We are in the solar energy business because we believe in renewable, green energy and in saving and protecting our natural resources. We have extensive relationships and experience with utilities and local permitting offices. This experience helps expedite the approval process.

Want to lease your commercial roof space? Contact National Energy Partners Today! (856) 273-5761 x 100 JConner@NepSolar.com

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