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PCS Flips the Switch

In May 2018, National Energy Partners joined PCS to "Flip the Switch" on their solar development project. The event commemorated PCS' official transition to green, renewable solar energy and the moment that they began to power their operations by the sun!

View the Flip the Switch Launch Event:

System Information:

System Size: 

479.52 kW

System Type: 

Carport + Roof Mount

System Production: 

623.37 kWh

Number of Modules: 


About PCS: PCS is a customer service company that provides on-call IT support for companies. They have installed a solar system on their Moorestown, New Jersey office to lower energy costs and help the environment. Their system currently consists of carports which gives parking complete shade coverage and allows for ground space to be fully utilized.

About National Energy Partners:

National Energy Partners (NEP) is a solar energy development company dedicated to bringing clean, renewable energy to businesses and residential consumers alike. At the forefront of the solar energy landscape, our passion is in fostering relationships through integrity, knowledge and efficiency. NEP embraces the specific needs and challenges of each project, offering our valued clients the best experience through strategic management, trusted relationships and eco-friendly solar energy solutions.

With over 10 years of experience in the solar industry, our portfolio includes over $80 million of projects with more in development.

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