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Katz JCC to Transition to Renewable Solar Energy

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The Milton and Betty Katz JCC is located on Jerome Avenue in Margate.

MARGATE – The Milton and Betty Katz Jewish Community Center recently announced its partnership with National Energy Partners for a solar development project at the facility located on Jerome Avenue in Margate. The solar development project will help the JCC transition to clean, renewable, solar energy, highlighting its commitment to responsible energy sourcing and a sustainable operation. Groundbreaking is expected later this month.

“After a long, arduous, comprehensive process of bidding and negotiating, the JCC was able to partner with National Energy Partners, who was able to meet the needs of the JCC within the timelines and budget benefiting both partners,” JCC Chief Financial Officer John Rios said.

National Energy Partners will install a 363,055-watt solar energy system that includes 943 solar panels mounted on the roof of the JCC.

The solar energy system is projected to produce 452,196 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. Once installed, the system will enable the JCC to power 42% of its operation through clean, renewable solar energy, for the next 20 years.

“Milton and Betty Katz Jewish Community Center’s adoption of solar energy will have an environmental impact that is worth noting,” National Energy Partners CEO Jeremy Conner said.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the solar energy produced by the JCC through the life of the solar system will eliminate greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 7,994 metric tons of carbon dioxide; reduce C02 emissions equivalent to 8,739,545 pounds of coal burned, or 899,547 gallons of gasoline consumed. The JCC’s adoption of solar energy will sequester carbon equivalent to growing 132,187 tree seedlings for 10 years.

Construction materials will be set up in the Jerome Avenue parking lot between JCC and JFS. Seven parking spaces will be blocked off from the side of the building running along the fence through the duration of the project, which be completed in September.

National Energy Partners will manage the solar development project.

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