Complete, Custom Solar Solutions


National Energy Partners, LLC provides Energy Solutions through the installation and operation of photovoltaic systems.

National Energy Partners provides Distributed Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Generation for Commercial Customers through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in which NEP develops, builds, owns, and operates a PV System at the Clients location. The power generated is provided to the client at a discount below their current power pricing, and provides long term pricing guarantees.

A PPA is a contract between a PPA provider (National Energy Partners) and a customer or host to purchase electricity for a specified amount of time and price.  Energy generated in excess of the client’s needs is sent out into the grid at the point of interconnection though a bi-directional meter and credited to the client through a Net Metering Agreement with the local utility.  As part of the PPA NEP will arrange for all necessary permitting and equipment required by the local Utility in order to arrange the Net Metering Contract for the client.

PPAs Provide:

  • Discounted utility costs
  • Long-term predictable energy prices
  • Customer does not have to contribute capital or credit to project
  • Customer does not have to operate, manage or maintain the solar system
  • PPA provider obtains all permits and approvals

National Energy Partners also works directly with Utilities and Municipalities to design, install, and operate Utility scale PV Systems to provide energy to local grids.  This allows Utilities to offer clean energy to their customers, and Municipalities can offer predictable energy pricing structures to their residents.